You Know You Have A Toddler When:

            While my fiancée and I were at my little sister’s band concert last week, we were waiting on the class to start, and we noticed the families with toddlers around us. Some were well behaved, and some were running around like our daughter. However, as I grabbed my daughter off the school theater floor we started saying, “you know you have a toddler when……”. This lead to this blog of humorous, yet truthful experiences when dealing with the toddler stage. Please, feel free to add…

Finger Painting Fun (Sensory Learning)

Why is sensory important? Sensory learning is just that, increasing the senses. It is important all around for sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Making sure that our children are using all forms of senses increases their ability beyond just sight. It enhances their ability to problem solve. Here is a quick video of an easy DIY finger painting project for toddlers! You will need: 1-Yogurt 2-Bowls 3-Food coloring 4-Spoons