Book review: #BabyLove My Toddler Life, Written and Illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh


Corine Dehghanpisheh, #BabyLove My Toddler Life, starts with the activities and learning between a mother and son. They are painting, counting, making noises and many more hands-on activities: meanwhile, the mom is catching the activities on her cell phone through video and pictures. During some down time, the mother lays her phone down unattended and the son picks up the cell phone and starts to take pictures thinking it’s a play toy. As the mother catches him playing with the phone she soon learns that there is a lesson she needs to teach him, “That’s my phone it’s not for play.”


The son soon apologizes and the mother looks through the pictures he took. She begins to ask him about the location of his senses and his features from the photos he took. While, going through the photos she sees how much her young son has grown and changed. The mom starts reminiscing saying, “You have grown so fast. How can that be? Time goes by too quickly-one day, you’ll see.” While, she used the cell phone as another teaching tool, she soon realizes she doesn’t want time to be wasted looking only at a screen. The mom puts the cell phone down and they continue with learning/playing and interacting.



The Message:

When I received an email asking me to review, #BabyLove My Toddler Life, Written and Illustrated by: Dehghanpisheh, Corine; with the description about the book, I immediately jumped to the chance. This is a book for both parents and children as a reminder to put down the technology and enjoy time with each other. I myself am guilty for taking so many pictures and videos of my little ones. However, the author is trying to make a settle message to be in the moment not just looking behind a screen. The author writes in the dedication page of the book, “For Parents Who Cherish Special Moments”; and special moments with interaction and being in the moment is what’s most important.


How Your Kids Can Relate:

Whether it’s through social media, paying bills, working or just capturing those special moments, we tend to always have our phones in our hands. I know I am personally guilty of trying to capture those special moments and having my phone on me looking through a screen.

With doing so, our children are always watching every move we make. My daughter will grab my phone and run with it when she can get her hands on it because she knows she is not supposed to have it. Through #BabyLove illustrations, the little boy is relatable because of his excitement about finally having mommy’s phone. Although short lived once his mommy takes it he still plays with it as if it’s a toy.



About the Author:

Corine Dehghanpisheh, is the author and illustrator of the series #BabyLove. She gains fun and engaging inspiration for her books from her own family life. Her second book, My Toddler Life is now available along with her first My Social Life; Which, is a Next Generation Indie Book Award winner. Ms. Dehghanpisheh currently resides in Dallas Texas and holds a Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development from, Pratt Institute in New York City. Can We Play Again? her debut children’s book is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient and a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist.


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