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I have been a Sam’s Club member for over a year now and I save my family hundreds per year by buying in bundles with my membership. Right now for a short period of time Huggies diapers, wipes and pants are on sale, buy two save $10 or buy three and save $18 at Sam’s Club. Now, you get even more out of your membership with “Club Pick-Up”. All you do is download the Sam’s app and order your desired items online; When you go to pick it up they will have everything waiting for you when you arrive. They even have an automated system that will order your needs/wants for you by filling up your cart saving you extra time. They have a Scan and Go option that allows their app to help you beat the lines for extra convenience by checking in with the app at the kiosk inside or pulling up through the drive thru area! Right now for a limited time, they have free shipping for online orders. Don’t forget to download the Sam’s Club app!


With Mia about to turn two, I can’t help but to think of how small she was when we brought her home. My small 7-pound 7-ounce baby, has now become a smart, witty and outgoing toddler. She is constantly learning new things and I am constantly coming up with new ways to keep her learning not only for educational reasons but for pure enjoyable fun. Since my child is not a picky eater, I am always trying to incorporate edible and safe foods for her learning activities without digesting hazardous material.

Now, some of my ideas do get messy, (as seen on one of my previous finger painting blogs); Meanwhile, the cleanup can be a hassle but I always make sure I have my Huggies wipes by my side because, let’s be honest, all children can be messy. However, making memories are more important than any mess thrown my way. We have so much fun with our different activities that I don’t worry about the crazy after-math because I know that Huggies wipes have me covered.

Our latest fun and enjoyable motor skill training was the “Wave bottle”. I will list below the exact measurements for everything needed at the end of this blog. Feel free to let me know what your kids thought about this project. We choose the color blue to add because Mia is obsessed with the Disney movie Moana lately. I told her we were making it look like the ocean. She was so intrigued with this simple experiment that she played with it for more than an hour. And guess what, it was a not as messy as I thought it would be.


While messes in our house seem to be an abundance I always try to buy a stock of wipes when I see an amazing deal. Being a Sam’s Club member allows me to bundle and save on many items. Along with the convenience of allowing me to order in advance through my app, and just swing in to pick up my order when I have time. Or I can just order online and receive free shipping all while saving with bundles and deals. We go through wipes quickly because I use them for multi-purposes. Mia is a creative, outgoing, always into something toddler and we are always wiping or cleaning from head to toe. However, we also use them for arts and crafts, cleaning her high chair and surface cleaning. I always have a pack in my car and in my bag because I never know when I will need them. Meanwhile, if I run out I can always open my Sam’s Club app and order more to be picked up that day.



(Wave Bottle Directions:)


  1. Empty bottle with lid
  2. Water
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Food coloring

Fill up bottle half way with water. Next fill the bottle half inch from the top of the rim with vegetable oil. Add 18 drops of your choice of food coloring. Then place lid back on bottle and shake. Boom you have a Wave bottle.




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