My Top Seven Baby Products Must-Haves!

Since finding out that Dave and I are expecting our second child, we started the hunt to finding up-to-date products and rationalizing the products we loved using with our daughter to reincorporate. While, many families live different lifestyle and have different opinions, here is what worked best for us as we carry a full work load, school activities and home life. Together we have created a list that we both, as mom and dad, felt beneficial to our parenting and busy schedules.



1. Infant Laundry detergent: We have been extremely blessed that our daughter doesn’t  have any type of allergies as of yet (considering she is only one). However, putting Tide or Gain on our daughters clothes as an infant may have been a little too harsh for such delegate skin. When we seen that All came out with a new baby detergent we decided to give it a whirl and we feel in love with it. Our daughter did amazing on it and it cost a lot less than other leading brands of baby detergent. Her clothes always came clean and kept their color also.

2. Liquid Bottle/dish washing soap: If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know that this product is hands down one of my favorites and I have to mention it again. The Dapple Pure ‘N’ Clean Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid is by far my favorite product to use when cleaning any of Mia’s eating or drinking items. Dapple is powered by plants free of SANS: SLS, SLES, Parabens & Formaldehyde. It is also fragrance-free and eliminates milk film & odors leaving the bottles clean and fresh as if just bought. Love this stuff. To check it out more I have left a link below through Amazon and it is also sold at most local Target and Walmart.


3. Bottles: After Mia was born my top bottle’s were Dr.Brown’s and as she transitioned to more milk, Tommee Tippee’s with the inserts became hands-down my two favorite. Dr. Brown bottles helped my daughter with less spit-up and reduced her gas dramatically. The Dr.Brown company speaks the truth about reducing the amount of air that is sucked from the bottle and they have a built in system to reduce the amount of excessive air inhaled by the baby. Tommee Tippee’s have amazing nipples that seem close to real nipples and they have inserts that you can buy separately to hold formula for formula feeding moms. Both I highly recommend registering for as a gift for your baby shower.

4.Gas Drops: Gas drops are a handy medicine to have lying around because there will be times when your baby seems to be uncomfortable. Some more than others, however, in my personal opinion, Little Remedies were hands down my favorite when it came to gas drops. If she was overly gassy, we would use Little Remedies gas drops and within twenty minutes she would seem better.

5. Open-ended Night Gowns: Here was one of my Hubby’s favorites. These night gowns make it so easy to change the baby without to many disturbances during the night. You simply just pull the gown up and change away. These gowns are also built with mittens on the ends of the sleeve to prevent baby from scratching their selves while they sleep. A win-win type of situation! You can also find these at just about any local Walmart or Target and you can even order online.

6. A Sound Wave Nightlight: This was my daughters best friend when we transitioned her into her crib around 10 months old from her Rock ‘n’ Play. From the time we brought my daughter home she was a good sleeper, however, when we started her in her own crib she began to wake up many times throughout the night. We bought one of these nightlights and stuck it at the end side of her crib and it helped her stay asleep through the night. These battery operated nightlights make different soothing sounds, light up into a variety of colors, are built with a timer and even vibrate. I found ours at our local K-Mart when they were going out of business. However, I will provide a link below for my favorite brand through link feel free to click the picture for further information.

7. Rock ‘n’ Play: Last but not least, I have to mention the Rock ‘N’ Play. I didn’t feel safe with co-sleeping and, we as parents, decided that it was not a good choice for us. However, I still wanted her in our room. I bought a bassinet and a Rock’ N’ Play, and within the first week I packed up the bassinet and we only used the Rock ‘N’ Play. The Rock ‘N’ Play is molded to be at an incline so the baby is not lying flat on his or hers back to help with preventing chocking. They all rock and vibrate however, some manually rock and vibrate while others are built with a switch that does it for you. Mine came with a built in vibration but I had to manually rock mine and my daughter loved it. I had many say that they were having a mold issue however, I want to say, I washed her bedding ever week and NEVER had any issues with mold in the seat or plastic. Meanwhile, my daughter would sleep through the night and never had any issues with upper reflux coming up while she was sleeping sue to the slant. I bought mine at my local Walmart however, you can just about find them anywhere now. I will add a link below of my exact model for guidance.

While, this post sums up my top seven baby items I want to included that there will be a later post of more of my favorite baby items that are more in-depth including my favorite diapers and wipes. Have a beautiful day!

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