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Are you in the market to buy or sell your home? I have a hassle-free way that you can buy or sell in the comfort of your own home. With UpNest.com, can save time and money while finding top real estate agents. It is a FREE online service where you can enter your preferences and they filter the best agents in your area. You get to choose which agent suits you best and receive 3-5 rebates within 24 hours!

Since finding out that Dave and I are expecting our third child; we have been considering moving as our family continues to grow. While, we cant move at this moment I went ahead and did the buyers option for the UpNest first. It took me through a few questions and before I knew it, I was on my way to finding the perfect agent for my needs. Below I have include a few images just to show how easy the process is.

  Next I went through the process as if I were to sell my house. It was just as easy with only a few question to answer. At the end of the process they called me to discuss further details. However, at this moment I am not interested in selling I was just seeing how easy the process was, and might I add it was very easy.

 Although, at this moment we are not looking to buy or sell, I am happy to have found UpNest and all they offer.  UpNest is so helpful and convenient that I don’t need to leave the comfort of my own home and still receive all of the benefits that one gets from an agent. I wanted to share with everyone the wonderful and fast opportunities’ they have to offer.

If interested feel free to check them out here>>>>>UpNest. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

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