5 Tips To Help Writers’ Block

I have had many writers message me asking, how I avoid and fix writers block. Well, everyone gets stuck at one time or another when it comes to writing. The feeling of having no clue on what to write, or, wanting to write but can’t seem to put together the proper words. And then, sometimes life just gets the best of our time. While, we can not control every aspect of our lives, we can be somewhat prepared. These tips that I am sharing with y’all are my safe haven when I am having trouble writing. They work so well with me I had to share! I have listed 5 of my best tips that help me when writers’ block presents itself to me. Hope they help you too!







1tennis-exercise-jpg. Exercise.

Exercising is good for all around health. However, I find that while I am exercising I come up with my best articles afterwards and during. Whatever your choice of exercise, it will get those tendons to moving and the brain to thinking. If you write about heath and exercising than this is even more reasoning to exercise.




pre-write-jpg2. Pre-writing.

While, writing one day and you are in a great mood, pre-write a few articles that you can release on a day when time is tight. This will save you time and help when you are in a rut. When I have the extra time, I will write a few articles and save it to my junk drive for future use.




Beauty of the outside!
Beauty of the outside!

3. Get out of the house.

We are all guilty about letting our work consume us that we forget to live our lives. Go out even if just for a walk. Go to a free event or something to have a new experience. Not only will this clear your mind it may even give you inspiration to write something new.



friends-talking4. Chat with a Friend.

 Your friends are there for you. They will support you and sometimes writers block happens from other things in your life bothering you. Allow your friends to help, vent to them and if they are amazing friends like mine; you will be back to writing in no time. Having that one person in our lives that we can always vent to as a release is important not just for writing but also mental health.


Take a step back.
Take a step back.

5. Take a day or Two off.

Sometimes taking some time to ourselves without all of the extra work we have to do can make a world of difference. Let the clothes sit in the basket for another day or two. Have sandwiches for dinner instead of a full course meal. Take some time for yourself, binge on Netflix or pick up your favorite book with a glass of wine and a blanket to cuddle with on the couch. Or, go see a movie, go to the beach/lake anything that finds you feeling at peace that you enjoy. Take some time to yourself, there will always be something to do, ALWAYS, but taking one or two days a month to break the cycle can make a world of difference.


Feel free to leave a comment about how you help your writers’ block as well as how helpful these tips are to you! I enjoy connecting with my readers and sharing stories. So, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Hope y’all have a beautiful day!

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