DIY: Popcorn Boxes (Prop Size)









Things needed are:

  1. Two large boxes or thick cardboard. (I used an old heater box that was already placed together which saved time).
  2. Hot glue gun and sticks.
  3. Measuring tape.
  4. Yellow and white balloons.
  5. Red and white acrylic paint and paint brush.
  6. Masking tape.
  7. A printed image of your choice (My letters measured 3 X 2 ½ in).
  8. Box cutter or strong scissors.
  9. Regular Scotch tape.
  10. An additional thick piece of cardboard. (I’ll show you how to make it).
  11. Mod Podge.
  12. Old news papers.
  13. Two to four screws.
  14. Philips head screw driver.



First measure your boxes in the size that you want them. ****Having boxes already placed together is a huge time saver!!! I took one side of the box off and flipped the box inside out. However, if you are starting from the bottom you will need to measure your boxes. (Measurements, From top to bottom 20” across, front and back piece 26” long, Side piece: Top 13”, Bottom 9”.) NOTE: You will need a small wedge piece at the bottom approximately 2” wide by 8” Long.


****** If you already have a pre-boxed box, here is your step.

–       Gently take both sides of the box apart and turn the box inside out.

–       Then re-glue (with your glue gun), the inside of the side piece and place it back together.

–       Now, the box will be easier to paint because you don’t have any printed pictures to absorb the paint or show through.



           ******** If you are making your box from scratch here are the directions:

  • i) Cut your measurements, then using a hot glue gun to piece the sides together.
  • ii) Put the side piece on by lining the glue along the inside edge of one of the side pieces.
  • iii)   Then placing it along one side of either the front piece lining it up as best as you can. Repeat this step to the back piece. (This should start to look like a box with three pieces; Front, back and one side.)
  • iv) Then repeat with the other side and you should have a full box but no bottom piece.
  • v) **** Now you will need to cut a bottom piece using cardboard and that measurement will be 9” wide by 20” long.
  • vi) Once cut, glue the bottom on to the lining edges. (This is the bottom, no one will notice if its off a little).


NOTE: Both boxes will still need a bottom piece to support.


Directions: Get a piece of cardboard, and fold it in half.

Measurements’: You will need a small wedge piece at the bottom approximately 2” wide by 8”. Grab your left over cardboard and make a folded piece 8×2. In the folded area place glue to hold together.  Now, once that has held go ahead and glue it in the middle to the far back or if it is too thick place two screws(as show above) on each side. Grab your box cuter and go ahead and make the notches how you want them at the top.

Next: Place Mod Podge on the torn and creases of the cracks. (With a brush, dip in Mod Podge, place where you want fixed, then add news paper and re-brush more Mod Podge over news paper). Let dry completely.


Now that the construction is done, lets start decorating! Here are the two acrylic paint colors I use.



1)    Go ahead and paint the boxes white.


2)    After the paint has dried, get the masking tape. Place it along the front of the boxes an 1 1/2 ” from first side. Then 1″ the rest apart.



3)    Line on the front and back of the boxes where you want the lines to be painted for your red. Then get your acrylic paint and paint in-between the lines starting with the second line.

stripped-boxes4) Let the paint dry then pull the tape off.

5) Now that the box is designed. Next is designing what to put on the front and back. (I printed out circus font and in word designed the words, “Ready To Pop”. After printed out I cut them out carefully and glued them with my hot glue gun. Placing them in the middle and slanting them downwards.

6) Last but not least, take your balloons and blow them up. Get the scotch tape and tape the balloons together at the end piece where the balloons are knotted. Throughout, to make fuller, rolled the tape to make it double sided and sick in between the balloons to hold together too. Also, tape some of the balloons to frame of the box to make an over-flowing effect.

And that is it!! Popcorn box prop is ready!

diy-24Hope you enjoy and get creative! Feel free to leave a comment below.


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