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With one of my best friends being 7 months pregnant, a few friends and I jumped at the chance to throw her a shower. Now, who has a baby shower without a diaper cake? While, I have made many diaper cakes I wanted to share with you my steps to make an easy self-stack diaper cake. Now, lets get to rollin’ and stackin’.


Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. A pack or box of diapers depending on the size you want the cake. (I used a pack of 44 count Huggies).
  2. A pack of large rubber bands. (I used Advantage Rubber Bands 3x 1/8 inch).
  3. Some type of base to set the cake on. (I used a silver tray bought at my local Dollar Tree).
  4. Scissors
  5. Ribbon (Approximately
  6. Accessories, clothes, small travel baby products, etc… (I used clothes and travel size baby products)
  7. A top center top piece of your choice. This can be a stuffed animal, clothes and even shoes. (I choose an elephant stuffed animal because her theme is Dumbo/Circus).
  8. *Optional-Paper Clips (I used these to keep the folded clothes together) Keep in mind that you can also use your rubber bands for this step also.
  9. *Optional- I used a baby shower cake kit. (this is where I got the small feet décor and ribbon; However, you could still use a spool of your choice of ribbon).



  • First, you will need to roll all of your diapers, starting with the open end, and rolling it towards the bottom of the closed end.





  • After you have your diaper rolled nice and neatly you will place the rubber band over the middle as many times as needed to stay snugged together.



  • Next figure out what clothes or cloths you want to add. You will need to roll these tightly.
  • Here is what you do: Take your clothes/cloth, flip object where the back is facing you and the front is facing down. Fold side arms in and bottom of the cloth upwards. Next start rolling tightly from the back of the garment. (this leave room to fix the front of what you want showing out from the diaper cake). Next, turn over to see what you want facing out. Now to hold together you can add a rubber band to the middle of the folded clothing/cloth or you can place a few paper clips on the INSIDE of each cloth to hold together.





  • Now let’s start making the foundation of the diaper cake. Once you have 6 rolled diapers place them together and put a rubber band around 6 in a group. You will 3-4 sets of 6. (I used 3 sets of 6 and rearranged them how I wanted them). Here you can go ahead and add the ribbon around all 3 sets and tie your bow. ** If you are adding rolled cloths or products leave about a two finger gap at your front bow.


*Once this is done this will be the foundation, (bottom part) of the diaper cake. It is important to make sure all diapers are evenly pushed down on your base. This makes it easier to balance the other levels of the cake.


  • Now on to the second layer of the cake: I didn’t want a noticeable difference in the sizes of the cake since I was adding products to it; So, I made 4 sets of 4 to the top.



Once these are lined up the way you want them go ahead and place this layer on top of your bottom layer in a stacking method. After you have found the shape of your choice go ahead and add your ribbon tying the bow; once again leaving a two finger gap for extra product.





The final layer can be any top piece of your choice. However, I choose a candy elephant topping because of the theme being Dumbo/Circus. With choosing a solid top, all I did was add an even amount of diapers to wrap around the box. Then, I held them together with a large rubber band around the whole piece and placed it on top of the other two layers. Next, I added the final ribbon and tied in a bow like I did the rest. When tying this bow you do NOT need to use the two finger rule because this will not hold as mean products so no need to worry of them not fitting. **However, if you decide to do another layer of diapers this amount will be smaller than your other pieces. (Approximately 2-3 sets of 3 diaper groups). But for me, this little cutie was my main focus point because he is so stinking cute.





Remember leaving the two finger room in the ribbon? Well, here is where you will start to add all of your folded cloth, clothing and travel products. Play around and see where you like them and if the colors fit your liking. After you have you final placing of all object, feel free to add some embellishments’. I used the blue and yellow feet stickers to add some color and fun to the diaper cake.




I hope you all enjoy my DIY. Please feel free to share your projects with me, I love seeing an idea come to life! Hope you all have a beautiful day.


Important: I did not include a “self-stand”, because I wanted to layer it myself when I get to the event. I left it as a self-stack that way I can take apart and place together without it get smooshed or if I wanted to add or take away anything. Please note: This type of diaper cake will fall apart if you go to move it while stacked.



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24 Thoughts to “DIY: Baby Shower Diaper Cake”

  1. blair villanueva

    I think this is the best baby shower presents! everythings what babies are needed and sames Mom from buying.

  2. This is really cute! I would have liked to get one of these when I had babies. You did a great job!

  3. Really an awesome idea. Saving it for a friend.

  4. Ola

    Great job! You worked so hard on that and it was worth it. I’m sure the recipient was so grateful.

  5. This is a great tutorial for first timers. You made it quite easy to understand. It took 2 tries for the roll but I got it.

    1. Thank you! So glad you were able to get it down. Please feel free to share your final project when finished. I would love to see it! XX

  6. I would never think to make a diaper cake for a baby shower but, you made it seem so easy. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at it as it is much fancier presentation.

    1. Thank you! Please share your final outcome if you ever decide to make one!XX

  7. I love it! This is so creative and looks like a lot of fun to make.

  8. I have never made a diaper cake before and this DIY has definitely simplified the process so thanks so much. Maybe in near future I will be making for me

  9. This is an awesome idea and looks like a lot of fun to make it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this diaper cake. It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower.Very creative

  11. I love baby shower cakes. This one turned out so cute. I love that you included clothes in it.

  12. This is something I would wanna get for the next baby shower I go to.

  13. That turned out way cool! Always a fun idea to do this for a baby, so useful.

  14. CourtneyLynne

    Omg love the diaper cake!!!! I make these all the time for my friends!!!

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