That Rainbow Baby!

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After the loss of my son in 2014, I became pregnant with my daughter three months later. She was the motivation and the light at the end of my tunnel. While, she will never replace the love I have for my son. She has given me reasons to stay afloat and to have hope again. My daughters laughter alone gives me sunny days even on the most dreadful days that come. She is and will always be the rainbow after my storm.

I have been asked so many times, ” Why is your baby wearing rainbow colors?” With much respect I reply, “Because she is a rainbow baby”. They look at me with confusion and sometimes disgust with ignorance. However, I feel the need to break the silence and ignorance of this matter and take the time to explain the term “Rainbow Baby“.

The term “Bainbow Baby” is meant to depict the beauty after a storm. We have all had those nasty storm days where the sun is nowhere to be seen and the sleep apnea kicks in. However, the only time a rainbow is seen in high sky is after the storm has ended. A rainbow baby is a baby that has been born to parents who have lost a child either miscarriage, during time on earth or stillborn. No matter how, when and or why, a child born after the loss is considered a rainbow baby.

The loss of a child is hard at any stage of life. The grief and depression that takes its whirlwind over you is considered the “storm”. When someone has a baby after their loss, this baby represents the rainbow and light at the end of the storm that has been placed around you. It is the outcome of such sadness and darkness that has been placed in ones life.

Many believe it represents the parents sexuality or her character. However, it is just the term of happiness at its finest. It shows the world that she is extra special because she was brought to me through my storm. No matter what others think or believe, she is my multi-colored shine of bent colors after the storm.

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